Iara Guedes is a Japanese-Lebanese-Brazilian artist, performer and director based in Berlin Germany. 

As an interdisciplinary artist, experiment is key for Guedes and she examines her own experiences and feelings as an in-process-migrant-creature to invite her audience and collaborators to constantly shape the moment, the ephemeral state of being present and adapt to circumstances of environment through transformation and evolutionary processes. 

Her practice breaks down boundaries between the conceptual and the theatrical performance and finds in the Japanese Butoh a philosophical and visual component layered by digital animation and effects to build immersive, cathartic, anthropophagic  experiences.

She studied dance and performance at the University of Communication and Arts-PUCSP.

Her interest in animation and its possibilities with performance began in 2004.

She dedicated to apprehending the practice of computer graphics and related technologies to create an environment where live performance could be incorporated. In parallel to her performance and dance studies, she graduated Digital Cinema at the International Academy of Cinema and Animation at  Melies School.


Berlin, Germany

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